What is the Best Treatment for Hyperpigmentation?

By: Meet Our Team


Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition that can cause discoloration or brown spots. While this condition is not harmful, it can lead to some embarrassment or a loss of self-confidence. Now, Brentwood Skin Clinic offers innovative laser hyperpigmentation treatment to reduce unwanted dark spots and even out your skin tone.

Laser treatment is far more effective than methods like over-the-counter creams and lotions. Below, Dr. Austin Mitchell explores the details of this exciting treatment and who is most likely to have successful results. Call for a consultation and see how you can achieve a more flawless complexion in Nashville, TN.

What causes dark spots and hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which some patches of skin become darker than the surrounding areas. This is due to an increase in melanin, the pigment that gives skin color. Excess sun exposure, hormone changes, medications, and some health conditions are all known to increase melanin production.

Some drugstore products may lighten freckled areas or dark spots over time. However, these solutions do nothing to treat the root cause of the problem, and results are not always guaranteed. On the other hand, laser treatment is a science-based approach that can target the source of hyperpigmentation and achieve lasting results.

Laser treatment is especially beneficial for those with:

  • Melasma (blotchy skin or freckles due to pregnancy)

  • Age spots

  • Sun spots

  • Dark patches

  • Uneven skin tone

What does laser treatment do for dark spots?

Laser hyperpigmentation treatment reduces the appearance of age spots, dark patches, and more by targeting and breaking up melanin-producing cells in the skin. This leads to a lightening of the affected areas while leaving the surrounding skin unchanged.

Most people with dark spots benefit from our cutting-edge lasers. However, not all lasers or providers are the same. Dr. Mitchell is proud to offer the latest and most advanced technologies to achieve the best results.

Many of our patients in Nashville, TN choose laser treatment for the following benefits:

  • A more even skin tone: Hyperpigmentation can leave your complexion looking blotchy and uneven. Some spots cannot be covered with makeup. Our lasers provide a more natural and even look.

  • Reduced appearance of dark spots: Laser treatment can dramatically reduce the appearance of larger or darker areas of skin. Patients often see a noticeable difference soon after treatment.

  • No downtime: Lasers do not require much downtime, unlike other cosmetic procedures. You can resume your normal activities almost immediately following treatment.

Who should consider laser treatment?

Patients should attend a skin evaluation at Brentwood Skin Clinic to determine if laser treatment is the best option for their dark spots. Factors like skin color and skin type will be considered before moving forward. Please inform our team if you have any chronic skin conditions or are taking medications that make your skin sensitive to light or heat. We want to ensure you have the best results with no risk of adverse effects.

Consider laser hyperpigmentation treatment

Age spots and dark patches are classic signs of hyperpigmentation. Now, you can treat this condition without resorting to ineffective drugstore products or cosmetics. Brentwood Skin Clinic offers cutting-edge laser technology to reduce dark spots and have a more even complexion. Dr. Austin Mitchell can provide more information during a consultation in Nashville, TN. Call to learn how we can help you achieve the best skin of your life.

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