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What is Melasma Treatment?

Melasma can occur at any point during our lifetime. These irregular areas of tan, gray, or brownish darkened areas normally appear symmetrically around the brow, cheeks, nose, upper lip, or chin. Melasma develops more frequently in women with darker skin tones and may be due to UV damage or hormonal changes, like those that accompany menopause and pregnancy. Our team provides melasma treatment at Brentwood Skin Clinic with Alma Harmony XL PRO laser technology. This innovative approach works through gentle light energy or radio frequency ablation to help lessen the presence of hyperpigmentation resulting from melasma. Schedule a skin evaluation at our office to discover if laser melasma treatment might help elevate your self-confidence and enhance the appearance your skin.

With the help of the Harmony XL PRO laser platform, the experienced team at Brentwood Skin Clinic can help you counteract hyperpigmentation that results from melasma. Benefits of this treatment include:

  • Minimizing the appearance of hyperpigmentation
  • Encouraging the production of collagen and elastin
  • Repairing the skin
  • Evening out uneven skin tones
  • Noninvasive and nonsurgical treatments lasting well under an hour
  • Minimal pain and downtime

Laser melasma treatments with the cutting-edge Harmony XL PRO system can be a great option for anyone who is in good overall health and troubled by stubborn dark patches and skin discoloration. At Brentwood Skin Clinic in Nashville, TN, we treat various melasma types, whether caused by pregnancy, aging, hormonal changes, genetics, and more. During your consultation, we will evaluate your skin, listen to your concerns, and review your medical history to ensure you're a great candidate for this safe, effective melasma treatment.

Melasma Treatment FAQ

What causes melasma?

Melasma-induced hyperpigmentation can occur anytime throughout an individual's life. It is commonly believed to be caused by hormones, including those that accompany pregnancy and birth control medications. Additional factors that are often associated with melasma include UV damage, stress, and genetics.

How does laser treatment for melasma work?

With the Harmony XL PRO laser, we can use a either a combination of intense pulse light therapy or radio frequency ablation to direct the energy into melasmic patches on the top layer of your skin. The treatment will effectively work to break down hyperpigmentation, which can be absorbed by your body. Although pigmented areas might take on a darker appearance at first, they will likely become less noticeable over the course of a week.

Does melasma come back after laser treatment?

Even though laser therapies can work to reduce the look of melasma, new gray, brown, or tan spots could emerge over time. A number of sessions may be recommended to help improve your outcomes.

What is the cost of laser melasma treatment?

At Brentwood Skin Clinic, the cost of laser melasma treatment is determined based on individual skin conditions. We will design a treatment program to help fit your goals and discuss the convenient payment options taken at our Nashville, TN practice.

Dr Mitchell is the best dermatologist ; as of yet. He listens, observes and treats the overall medical conditions that I might have ... that's effecting my skin.

M.M. Google

TL;DR -- the level of communication and transparency is exceptional, scheduling was effortless, and the staff are professional yet easygoing. This is how visits with a physician *ought* to be. Full review: It's been a while since I've done a dermatology checkup and even though I know I shouldn't neglect it, I avoided it mainly because of the friction with scheduling I always seem to face. My primary care physician is at Vanderbilt, so I kind of always assumed I had to stay in the Vandy system for referrals. You can't book dermatologists via their fancy app, though, and it can be tough to find time during their workday to call. Suffice to say that my experience there has always been a headache, and my latest call was no different; when I called to book a 15-30 minute checkup with ANYONE in the entire Vandy Dermatology department, their next available appointment was more than 6 months from now. SIX. MONTHS. This was just the nudge I needed to search elsewhere, and luckily I found Dr Mitchell's practice. I was able to schedule an appointment online for 2 business days later (!!) at literally whatever time I wanted. Once in the examination room, Dr Mitchell and his assistant were all business (but extremely friendly and disarming) as he talked me through what he was seeing, what constitutes a concern vs. what's not a concern, his recommendations for any treatment options, and the associated costs for any/all of the treatments. Dr Mitchell and his staff are phenomenal and I look forward to referring the Brentwood Skin Clinic to anyone who will listen to me!

J.O. Google

Great dermatologist! Wonderful bedside manners!

A.D. Google

I can't say enough about my positive first time visit. First of all, I was able to get in quickly thanks to the receptionist who returned my call and got me in the next day (due to a cancellation). The staff was friendly, the office was clean, and the doctor was on time, knowledgeable and addressed all of my concerns. Two weeks post visit and I am already seeing improvements. I would highly recommend this doctor and practice.

J.M. Google

WOW! I had gone to see someone previously before coming in. I saw and spoke with that specialist a brief amount of time and it was one of those things where I left just as confused as when I went in lol. It was not clear to me at all. When I came HERE, from the front desk to my actual visit, everyone was fun, kind and welcoming. At a place like this you feel more seen and heard. I was givin a CLEAR plan, and a back up plan for the back up plan lol. I left feeling very happy & a lot less confused than I was previously. I also got my product I needed while I was there which was also nice, because sometimes picking up meds is a whole other situation! Overall I would def recommend!

H.S. Google


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